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Assessment Result: Independent

Student is eligible to apply for aid as an Independent Applicant


  • Fax (620-342-4701) or Email (jonesfdn@gmail.com) these items:
    • Most recent complete Federal Tax Return, if filed. If you file a SEPARATE BUSINESS return, you must also provide a copy. If MARRIED and file separate returns, BOTH are required. if you LIVE TOGETHER and both individuals file returns, BOTH are required. Should you have questions, please contact the office.
    • Proof of all additional monthly income for previous year, i.e. cash assistance, child support, death and/or survivor benefits, SSDI, SSI, food stamps, military, retirement, unemployment.
    • Financial Aid Award Letter for the academic year for which you are applying. This letter must include your name (cannot be handwritten) and must show amounts awarded for EACH semester.
    • Official Transcript from last institution attended. If currently receiving the Undergraduate Education Grant or transferring schools, provide AFTER all grades are posted. Electronic submission is REQUIRED and MUST be emailed to jonesfdn@gmail.com.
    • Copy of State-issued Birth Certificate or Legal Immigration Status Documents, ONLY IF FIRST TIME APPLYING.
  • Complete and submit the Online Application below and  fax (620-342-4701) or email (jonesfdn@gmail.com) as many of the required documents ON OR BEFORE JUNE 15th. Should you not have all documents, provide those you have and send remaining as they become available. Remember, paper documents will no longer be accepted and no exceptions will be made.