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THANK YOU for renewing your application

Thank you! Your application has been submitted.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Now that you have completed the Diabetes Expense Grant Application you must provide the following information to jonesfdn@gmail.com or fax to (620) 342-4701 for the Jones Foundation to begin the review of your grant request. If all documents are not available, it is recommended that you include all that you do have and fax or email the remaining ASAP.  

  • School records for Proof of Residency in Coffey, Lyon or Osage County for the purpose of verifying that student has continuously resided in one (or a combination) of these three counties for a minimum of one year

The office will begin to review and obtain any additional information needed. Your application is not complete until ALL information has been received, upon which your application will be prepared for the Board’s review at the next board meeting. Please note that every effort is made to get your request to the upcoming board meeting, but due to various circumstances this may not be possible, at which time your application will be presented at the following month’s meeting.

Should you have any questions you may call the office at 620-342-1714.