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About Education Assistance
About Education Assistance

The Jones Foundation provides financial assistance for post-secondary education costs for individuals, regardless of age. Individuals eligible to apply must be a US Citizen or a non-US Citizen in Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status currently living in Coffey, Lyon or Osage County OR the dependent of a current resident. If you are the dependent of a current resident BOTH must have lived continuously in one of the three counties for no less than one year immediately before attending the institution of your choice. Please note: Students who move to one of the three counties and attend ANY post-secondary education institution BEFORE fulfilling the one-year residency requirement are not eligible to apply. Attending an education institution in the three-county area does not alone establish residency.

The Jones Foundation reviews each application to determine whether qualifications and eligibility for financial assistance have been satisfied. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees, in its sole discretion, has the final decision regarding the qualifications, eligibility, and the amount of financial assistance to be awarded.  Applicants who complete the application process in its entirety (meaning you have provided ALL required information) will be given written notification as to whether the grant is awarded or denied.  All grants are paid directly to the education institution for which you applied, as the amount awarded is specific to that education institution. Should you decide to attend a different institution AFTER you have been awarded, you must contact the office immediately and provide additional information for further review.

Any and all information necessary to process an application is confidential and remains the property of the Walter S. and Evan C. Jones Foundation.

For students seeking grants for education costs we offer the following programs: