How it works

Medical assistance…

Before seeking any medical treatment, a family must first contact the Foundation office to complete a written application to determine the needs of the family, the financial situation, the number of family members, other resources, etc. In emergency cases, it may not be possible to have a written application prior to the emergency. In such cases, a member or representative of the family must contact the office within 15 working days of the initial treatment. The Board of Trustees must review all medical grants and their decision is final.

All authorizations for payment are made for a specified period of time or for a specific service, and no authorization is made for a period over one year at any one time unless specified otherwise. There will be no payment given for services prior to application except in cases of emergency as explained above.

Education assistance…

For students seeking assistance with education costs, applications are available in the Foundation office each year after May 15 for the upcoming academic year. These grants are available to full-time students attending an accredited school of their choice, and are also based on financial need. Parents and/or the students must complete a written application and provide additional documentation requested by the Foundation. The deadline for submitting is stated on the application and must be adhered to. Prior to submitting their application to that school.

The Board of trustees must review all education grants and their decision is final. Every applicant who completes the application procedure will be given written notification as to whether the grant is awarded or denied. All grants are paid directly to the school and are non-transferable.

Any information necessary to process an application will remain to the highest of confidentiality and will remain the property of the Walters S. and Evan C. Jones Foundation.